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Powerful mixing & mastering and measurable success as a DJ & bedroom producer.

I help DJs & bedroom producers to refine their music.

  • 3.6 Mio Streams
  • 12+ years of experience
  • 50+ satisfied clients

Just a  thight sound. 
On the phone. In the club. In the car. Simply everywhere.

Better competitiveness

Stay on the ball with a professional industry standard sound. DJs & labels love to work with high quality tracks.

More clarity

After hours of producing and tired ears, you often lack an objective view of the final touches. Have an audio engineer look over it again.

More time for you

Teamwork makes the dream work. Efficient teamwork makes great sounding tracks in a short space of time. Then you can clear your head and take a deep breath.

Top tier. Very professional, patient, and most importantly understands the vision for the track. Wonderful work and balance between punch, volume and stereo image. Not sure it can be beat; I highly recommend Revelz.
Once again I was very happy to work with Revelz. He supports me professionally in my work and the result has become great again! I can recommend him to 100%.
Many thanks for the excellent cooperation! Simply great, both personally and professionally. Philipp did a great job implementing my ideas!
A total pro. Worthwhile mixer and for pro mastering. Works fast and does the job well.
Honored and pleased to work with Revelz. Adequate, sincere, productive, get's "shit" done fast and neat. Works VERY skillfully, works fast. Each collaboration with him is so much fun. No complaints, no problems on the way to achieving good goals. Highly recommend.
High quality end result. Takes my tracks to a whole new level.

My work

Practical examples speak louder than words.
Hear the difference in an A/B comparison and see for yourself.

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Philipp Walluks

In recent years, Philipp has received support from DJs such as Hardwell, KSHMR, Showtek, DJs from Mars, Sick Individuals, Orjan Nilsen and many more.

He has also generated several hundred thousands streams and airplays on the radio.

In the meantime, he has helped dozens of artists and bedroom producers to get the most out of their music and reach new milestones in their careers.

The songs for which he was responsible as the Mixing & Mastering engineer reached a cumulative total of over 3.6 million streams on Spotify alone (as of 2023).


This is how I work with you

These are the steps we take to fine tune your songs.

Step 1: Consultation

A long-term collaboration should be well planned. We'll get to know each other and see if and how I can help you to enhance your music and your career in the best possible way.

Step 2: The job starts

Once I have received your audio files, I will get to work. You will always be kept up to date with the entire process and I will provide you with regular updates. If required, you can watch over my shoulder live via ListenTo.

Step 3: Your finished track

You will receive your track within 48 hours. Powerful, crystal clear and adapted to your taste. If you have any requests for changes, these will of course be taken into account.

Your personal audio engineer for your music career

It's not about blunty working through mixing and mastering jobs so that you're left alone with your song. Most people are familiar with this approach from traditional recording studios.

Customers choose to work with Revelz precisely because they receive comprehensive support before and after release in addition to the convincing quality.


  • It varies depending on the strategic approach. If you want to release via a label, I'll use my label contacts and support you with the pitch. 
    If you want to release on your own, I will help you with the right platform, registration on all portals (incl. GEMA & GVL) and marketing.
  • I've been working as a producer and audio engineer for over 12 years. But it's only in the last few years that I've been looking after artists around the world and making sure their songs always sound crisp.
  • In a nutshell: No!

    The purpose of the interview is to find out if and how I can help you. Everyone has different needs and goals that they pursue with their music. That's exactly what we find out together.

  • You always have three change requests included. In our experience, these are enough to achieve your desired result. 
    Often it's just a matter of minor details. If I make a technical error, I will correct it without counting it as a revision.
  • That's no problem! Depending on your needs, I can act as ghost producer or co-producer in the background. The best way to find out exactly what kind of help I can provide is to arrange a no-obligation initial consultation.
  • My approach is based on close collaboration with my clients. We work together to understand your goals, needs and expectations and then develop a bespoke strategy tailored to your specific requirements. We remain engaged and communicative throughout the process to ensure you get the best possible results.

Music studio for DJs and
bedroom producer.

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